Part 1: 10+ Awesome Midjourney Prompts to Create Wall Art That Sells!

Midjourney Prompts tips and tricks

by Trelandon Jones

4/25/20242 min read


Welcome to the first installment of our two-part series designed to help artists and designers create captivating wall art using Midjourney. Discover prompts that leverage the platform's AI capabilities to produce artworks that not only appeal visually but also have great market potential.

The Art of Crafting Prompts

Effective prompts are crucial in guiding Midjourney to produce specific artistic outputs. Here's a guide on developing prompts that ensure precision and align with your artistic vision.

Innovative Art Prompts

  1. Digital Watercolor

    • Prompt: Digital watercolor of a bustling city street at dusk, with soft lights and shadows.

    • Why It Works: This style captures fluid dynamics and urban ambiance, appealing to contemporary art collectors.

  2. Fabric Collage

    • Prompt: Create a fabric collage depicting a seaside landscape with mixed textiles and embroidery.

    • Why It Works: Textile art offers tactile beauty and depth, engaging art lovers looking for a unique piece.

  3. Aerosol Graffiti

    • Prompt: Aerosol graffiti of an abstract cityscape on a large urban wall.

    • Why It Works: Graffiti art resonates with modern art buyers and brings a vibrant street art aesthetic to interiors.

  4. Ceramic Glaze

    • Prompt: Ceramic tile mural featuring a mythological scene with rich glazes and textures.

    • Why It Works: The timeless appeal of ceramics and the depth of glazes provide a classic look that complements any collection.

  5. Neon Light Art

    • Prompt: Neon light installation art that spells out a poetic verse in bright neon colors.

    • Why It Works: Neon art is trending in contemporary design, perfect for modern spaces and themed venues.

  6. Eco Art

    • Prompt: Create a large-scale installation using recycled materials, depicting an ocean wave.

    • Why It Works: Eco-friendly artworks resonate with environmentally-conscious buyers and add a narrative layer to the piece.

  7. Metal Etching

    • Prompt: Detailed metal etching of a forest scene on a copper panel.

    • Why It Works: Metal art offers durability and intricate detail, appealing to collectors who appreciate craftsmanship.

  8. Sand Art

    • Prompt: Sand art within a layered glass frame, showcasing a desert mirage.

    • Why It Works: Sand art’s shifting patterns and natural materials offer a dynamic visual experience.

  9. Poured Acrylic

    • Prompt: Poured acrylic painting with a celestial theme, featuring swirling galaxies.

    • Why It Works: The fluidity and vibrant colors of poured acrylic are mesmerizing and ideal for modern decor.

  10. 3D Printed Sculpture

    • Prompt: 3D printed sculpture of an abstract geometric form, using sustainable materials.

    • Why It Works: 3D printing pushes the boundaries of traditional sculpture, offering futuristic aesthetics and customization.


These ten Midjourney prompts introduce fresh and innovative approaches to creating wall art that sells. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we explore additional unique art styles and prompts that will help you continue to expand your creative horizons.