Part 2: 10+ Awesome Midjourney Prompts to Create Wall Art That Sells!

Midjourney Prompt tips and tricks

Trelandon Jones

4/30/20242 min read


Continuing our journey from Part 1, this second installment introduces ten more unique art styles and prompts to inspire your Midjourney creations. These will help diversify your portfolio and attract a broader audience.

Expanding Your Artistic Toolbox

  1. Vector Art

  • Prompt: Vector art of a futuristic skyline with neon accents and sharp angles.

  • Why It Works: Vector art is versatile and scalable, perfect for prints and digital displays.

  1. Silk Screen Printing

  • Prompt: Silk screen print of a vintage rock band poster in a retro color scheme.

  • Why It Works: Silk screen printing has a classic appeal and is popular among music and pop culture enthusiasts.

  1. Thermal Color Change Art

  • Prompt: Interactive art piece that changes colors with temperature, depicting a thermal map of a bustling city.

  • Why It Works: Interactive art creates a personal experience and can be a conversation starter.

  1. Glitch Art

  • Prompt: Glitch art featuring a distorted digital portrait with vibrant, overlapping layers.

  • Why It Works: Glitch art is gaining popularity in the digital art scene, appealing to younger audiences and tech enthusiasts.

  1. Latte Art

  • Prompt: High-resolution scan of intricate latte art, ideal for kitchen decor.

  • Why It Works: Combining culinary skills with artistic design, this style is great for casual art buyers and coffee lovers.

  1. Shadow Box Art

  • Prompt: Shadow box art containing hand-crafted miniature scenes from famous fairy tales.

  • Why It Works: Shadow boxes create a sense of depth and wonder, appealing to nostalgic collectors and children’s decor markets.

  1. Bioluminescent Art

  • Prompt: Create art using bioluminescent materials that glow in the dark, depicting deep sea creatures.

  • Why It Works: The natural glow adds an ethereal quality to artworks, ideal for unique night displays.

  1. Ice Sculpture Photography

  • Prompt: High-definition photography of ice sculptures under colored lighting.

  • Why It Works: The transient nature of ice and the play of light brings a surreal quality to the artwork.

  1. Kintsugi Art

  • Prompt: Kintsugi repair of broken ceramics, highlighted with gold veins.

  • Why It Works: Kintsugi emphasizes beauty in imperfection and has a philosophical appeal, popular in modern and minimalist decor.

  1. Pyrography

    • Prompt: Detailed pyrography on wood, depicting a historical battle scene.

    • Why It Works: Pyrography, or wood burning, is appreciated for its rustic appeal and intricate detail.


This concludes our two-part series on using Midjourney to create art that sells. By exploring a wide range of artistic techniques and applying unique prompts, you can appeal to diverse tastes and open new avenues for your creative expression. Let these prompts inspire you to push the boundaries of AI art creation and find your niche in the expanding art market.